Learning Recovery

In the wake of COVID-19, there is a global focus on learning recovery, emerging from the learning losses anticipated across the world due to school closures and disruptions in education caused by the pandemic. For Pakistan, this is an equally pressing concern not only due to the pandemic-induced learning losses, but also due to the reailty that even the pre-pandemic era, Pakistani children had low learning levels.

PAMS, as part of Project Tasalsul, developed policy briefs and a diagnostic framework to help guide the federal and provincial education managers on learning recovery.

The policy briefs were developed as part of FCDO’s DARE program, managed by the World Bank. School systems across the globe are now attempting to recover their students’ learning and Pakistan’s education system should follow a similar path. Pakistani classrooms cannot operate on a business-as-usual trajectory and it is imperative that education departments invest and prioritize the reorganizing of curriculum and instruction; the first part of this task is to design and conduct a diagnostic assessment.