PAMS has conducted primary and secondary analysis, key informant interviews and focus-group discussions to help inform education policy in Pakistan.


Learning diagnostics, remediation and recovery – 2022

The policy briefs and the diagnostics framework is an attempt to inform Pakistani policy makers on the need for, and a model of how our teachers and parents can be supported to assist students in recovering lost learning.

Challenges to girls’ education in Balochistan – 2022

This is a set of a five-part series of white papers , which each paper focusing on one fundamental barrier white papers dwelling into key challenges faced by girls, particularly of school going age, in education in the province of Balochistan.

These white papers were developed for the FCDO’s Girls’ Education Challenge program implemented by the International Rescue Committee.

The Missing Third: an out of school children study – 2021

The Missing Third is an updated out-of-school-children study based on the Population Census 2017 and the Pakistan Social & Living Standards Measurement Survey 2019-20.

Digital Content Development Guidelines – 2021

A basic how-to guide for educators interested in developing content using their phone camera

Progression Framework – Maths and Science – 2021

This is an attempt to help educators understand the consequence of low attainment in primary grades, and the potential impact of students’ lack of conceptual clarity can have as they move to higher grades

Pakistani Teachers’ Response to COVID-19 – 2020

While the federal and provincial governments were focused on schools’ closure and reopening, we asked Pakistani teachers what their recommendations would be for the policy makers. This report was a joint collaboration between PAMS and Zindagi Trust.

Trends in Mathematics and Science Study – 2020

The results of Pakistan’s first-ever participation in the TIMSS international benchmarking assessment (maths, science)

Powering Pakistan for the 21st Century – 2017

The three-volume Powering Pakistan for the 21st Century was the first set of publications, with a focus on maths and science education and the way forward.